LAX enhancements project by AECOM: phase Iall images © yan wang and michael fredericktom bradley international terminal approach – night view



the los angeles international airport (LAX) – the world’s sixth busiest airport – is undergoing a significant change, with an enhancement project that will revitalize the central terminal area (CTA): the one mile roadway area between the parking structures and the eight terminals. AECOM will create a sensational experience for the 61 million passengers who travel in and out of this major transportation hub annually. through an extensive integration of architecture, lighting and graphics, the project aspires to unify the disparate components of LAX’s CTA and inserts grand gestures that provide an architectural hierarchy and draws from key existing elements, such as the 1960’s theme building and the entry light pylons.



LAX enhancements project by AECOM: phase Itom bradley international terminal approach – day view



the enhanced CTA is articulated with a polychromatic light ribbon that is synchronized with the entry pylons; the intervention defines the elevated roadway edge and is modulated with three-dimensional super-graphic terminal identifiers and 91 white sculptural light poles. the illuminated beams are derivative of the theme building’s optimistic architecture and establish an unprecedented ceremonial airport experience.



LAX enhancements project by AECOM: phase Itom bradley international terminal arrival



the project amplifies at the airport’s midpoint and largest terminal, the tom bradley international terminal. a series of aerodynamic metallic canopies will replace the existing structures. the improvements include: a 1,000-foot roadside canopy, three entry pavilions canopies with integral skylights, and two new escalator and stair canopies that link the arrival and departure levels. in addition, the plaza at the arrival level will be renovated— delivering more light and space for the traveler’s comfort and convenience.



LAX enhancements project by AECOM: phase ILAX enhancements – panorama view



LAX enhancements project by AECOM: phase ILAX enhancements – signage detail



project information


architect: AECOM
architectural project director: jed zimmerman
 architectural design director: carlos madrid iii 
project architect: john martin
 landscape architect: esther margulies
 project team: michael frederick, melanie freeland, james jackson, aejie rhyu, josh segal, yan m wang, jennifer williams, tommy zandi


civil engineer: VCA engineers, inc.
 general contractor: walsh austin joint venture
 lighting consultant: horton lees brogden lighting
 light pole fabrication: penwal
m /e/p engineer: PBS engineers 
program management: aecom
signage and environmental graphics: egg office
 structural engineer: KPFF consulting engineers



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