pisa-based architecture studio LDA.iMDA architetti associati has realized ‘the house in the orchard’ in italy, for a client who loves gardening. with a form that originates from the ancestral child’s drawing of a house, the residence reinterprets shape in architecture, refusing to strictly associate it with context, tradition, or with the search of lost figurative relationships.

house in the orchard 12
all images by medulla studio, courtesy of LDA.iMDA



LDA.iMDA has designed an environment that aligns with the client’s aspiration to cultivate a vegetable garden, which is a prominently visible feature of the dwelling’s exterior. meanwhile, the project puts emphasis on a variety of innovative choices: the external coating was made by applying an ecological polyolefin sheet with high solar reflectance – the extremely poor structural technology usually used for greenhouses was here adapted to the house construction.

house in the orchard 11



the whole structure is lifted above the ground, in order to reduce the impact on the landscape, solving at the same time the several hydraulic problems. as far as the interior is concerned, the floor was covered using anti-infiltration water resistance protective products on the prefabricated wood self-supporting panels (larch wood – polystyrene – fir wood).

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project info:


name: house in the orchard
architects: LDA.iMDA architetti associati
location: italy



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