architecture practice leckie studio teams with design agency aruliden to conceptualize ‘arcana,’ a bucolic retreat of mirrored cabins. proposed to encourage solitude within nature, the tiny getaways are characterized by their mirrored exterior finish which serves to integrate them into their forested site. the team envisions ‘arcana’ as a movement to reconnect visitors with the wilderness through an immersion in nature. the architecturally-minded retreat is set to be realized among the canadian wilderness just two hours outside the urban context of toronto. 


update 05/26/2021: the design team at leckie studio comments on the architecture’s sensitive approach and attention to the region’s wildlife and birds. ‘as a brand that’s rooted in respecting the power and beauty of nature, it’s been a priority to ensure the design of our structures aren’t a hazard to birds and other creatures that reside in arcana’s habitat. it’s difficult to distinguish in the artist renderings that we shared, but the reflective cladding is an imperfect mirrored surface, which helps deter birds -– as it’s not a clear reflection. additionally, we are applying a film to all reflective surfaces which is unnoticeable to the human eye, but can allow birds to identify the cabin as an object in the landscape. environmental stewardship is an integral part of our ethos at arcana.’

leckie studio arcana
images by leckie studio architecture and design, courtesy of aruliden



the arcana cabins are envisioned by leckie studio architecture and design together with design agency aruliden, who provided the brand identity. the experience of the mirrored arcana cabins is defined by a number of unique elements — reinvigorating art direction, clean and modern lines, a neutral palette, and soothing natural interior finishes to complement the simplicity and ruggedness of the unique canadian forest. such experiences include guided hiking trails with graphic signage designed by aruliden, together with a ‘sounds of arcana’ tracklist on a similarly designed vinyl record.

leckie studio's mirrored 'arcana' cabins disappear into their forested context leckie studio's mirrored 'arcana' cabins disappear into their forested context leckie studio's mirrored 'arcana' cabins disappear into their forested context leckie studio arcana leckie studio arcana leckie studio arcana


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project title: arcana | @findarcana

architecture: leckie studio | @leckiestudio

brand design: aruliden