LEGO reveals BIG-designed museum, billun, denmark 

all images courtesy of LEGO



LEGO has unveiled the first iteration of ‘the LEGO house’ museum by BIG. reportedly to become ‘the best museum ever’ according to bjarke ingels himself, the building will express the ‘systematic creativity’ of the modular brick toys and is projected to attract 250,000 visitors annually. set to open in 2016 in denmark, the museum will use the built form to convey the tenants of LEGO play– stimulated learning and connective thinking. the building will reportedly stand 30 meters tall with a network of publicly accessible roofs and distinct interior plaza. exhibition space will total 7600 square meters while a cafe and store bolster programming. the architecture seeks to be a meeting point for both enthusiasts and citizens of billund, the birthplace of LEGO. 




an early concept video shows the stacked method that informs the shape of the building