japan-based firm life style koubou situates a compact studio space in a residential neighborhood of fukushima city, programmed for both the cultivation and arrangement of flowers. the ‘glass studio,’ designed as a box within a box, is divided into multiple zones. while the exterior glass box draws influence from the greenhouse typology, the secondary wooden box structure nested within introduces a narrow interstitial space. this offset gap serves as a breeding area which will exhibit the natural floral beauty toward the street.

life style koubou glass studio
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the inner wooden box structure hosts a studio space in which students practice the art of ikebana, or flower arranging. the studio is characterized by a minimal, open plan with an interior clad in wooden panels punctuated by small, irregular punch windows. this scattering of windows offers the studio a warm, ambient lighting condition. life style koubou embarked on the design of an expressive greenhouse and ikebana studio following the 2011 tōhoku earthquake. acting as a small botanical garden, the project aims to uplift the occupants of the neighborhood with a display of nature’s vitality. 

life style koubou glass studio



life style koubou comment on the project’s relationship with the neighborhood sidewalk life:gently blending in with the area, the studio brings the beauty of the four seasons and a little spice to both those who arrange flowers in the studio and those who pass by the studio taking a walk or commuting to work.

life style koubou glass studio  life style koubou glass studio life style koubou glass studio life style koubou glass studio life style koubou glass studio life style koubou glass studio life style koubou glass studio



project info:


architecture firm
: life style koubou

project manager: kotaro anzai

construction: life style koubou

program: greenhouse and ikebana studio

location: fukushima city, japan

building area: 179.90m2