coastal modernism and marrakech design inspire restaurant interiors in byron bay

coastal modernism and marrakech design inspire restaurant interiors in byron bay

new interiors revive a byron bay diner


With interiors by local firm Studio Plenty and furniture designed by Sarah Ellison, Byron Bay’s popular Light Years Asian Diner is updated with a new concept that highlights warm textures and earthy tonality. While it has since expanded to other locations in Australia, the restaurant was originally opened in 2017 by James Sullivan and Kim Stephen. The duo has brought in Studio Plenty’s founder Will Rathgeber to revive the restaurant with an atmosphere of ‘coastal modernism.’ The design team took advantage of the building’s L-shaped layout, dividing it into a dining area and bar with a terrazzo bar top featuring shades of peach, earth-toned reds, and clay-colored hues.

byron bay light years
images © Jessie Prince @jessie___prince



studio plenty teams with sarah ellison


Studio Plenty completes the renovated Light Years Asian Diner in Byron Bay, showcasing furniture that was custom-designed by Sarah Ellison to express Moroccan influences. The use of softly curving forms and arching profiles creates a sense of fluidity and movement throughout the restaurant, while the terracotta shades provide warmth and comfort. Meanwhile, thick awning-striped fabrics add texture to the furniture and create a sense of depth that draws the eye. Ellison’s inspiration for the furniture collection is said to have come from the Yves Saint Laurent Museum which opened in Marrakech in 2017, and takes shape with similar clay tones and textures.

byron bay light years



murals by heath wae


In addition to the furniture, Melbourne-based artist Heath Wae has contributed two original murals to the interiors of Studio Plenty’s Light Years renovation in Byron Bay. With their bold palette, these murals cut through the earth tones of the walls and introduce a burst of color and vibrancy to the space. A unique addition to the restaurant, the artworks harmonize with the overall atmosphere of the space.

byron bay light years
softened corners harmonize with the curving custom furniture

byron bay light yearsmurals by Melbourne-based Heath Wae complement the earthy tones


the new interiors take inspiration from the Yves Saint Laurent Museum in Marrakech

byron bay light yearselongated tiles wrap the floors and walls


seating is upholstered with awning-striped fabric

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