lightweight mobile unit houses remote radio station and travels throughout japan

lightweight mobile unit houses remote radio station and travels throughout japan

ultimately lightweight mobile unit by Taichi Kuma


Japanese designer Taichi Kuma introduces the MAKU trailer, an aluminum mobile unit that is extremely lightweight and can efficiently house a remote work office or a radio station. Composed of an aluminum frame and layers of PTFE membrane, the trailer house weighs only 530 kg and can be easily transported by any normal car, without any special license. 

maku trailer 1
all images by Naoki Wagatsuma



a multipurpose trailer house that can travel throughout japan


The walls of Taichi Kuma’s unit are made of a lightweight aluminum frame and two layers of PTFE membrane. In addition, the structure incorporates a transparent glass fiber insulation mat in between the two membrane layers. In this way, it can be adaptable to extreme outdoor temperatures. Also, since this wall is translucent, it draws natural light in and makes the unit glows like lantern at night.


The floor plan takes shape as a very simple rectangular with its dimensions measuring 3.3 m by 1.8 m. The simplicity of the design is what makes it adaptable, allowing for it to be used as a multipurpose unit. For example, the trailer can accommodate a remote work office, a small camp cottage etc. This very first model is going to be used as a radio station. It can travel throughout Japan to collect the sound of nature and stream it anywhere. This trailer is lightweight enough to be movable, and can offer more spacious and comfortable interior conditions than those of a camping tent. Therefore, it is perfect for a mobile radio station.

maku trailer 2

maku trailer 3

maku trailer 7

maku trailer 5


maku trailer 6

maku trailer 8




project info:



name: MAKU trailer
designer: Taichi Kuma
trailer construction: Lukura
membrane construction: Imaizumi Tent
research partner: Yu Morishita
photography: Naoki Wagatsuma
model: Emiko Miura



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