frank lloyd wright’s legacy in a kit


Frank Lloyd Wright‘s midcentury modern designs are back, and now you can own a piece of architectural history with Lindal Cedar Homes’ easy-to-assemble Usonian house kits. Lindal Cedar Homes, a Seattle-based company, partnered with the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation in 2018 to create the Lindal Imagine Series, which offers house kits inspired by Wright’s iconic Usonian homes. The concept has proven popular. According to Lindal Cedar Homes, they’ve sold ten Wright-inspired kits so far, with four already completed. 

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the lindal imagine series: nine housing types


Lindal Cedar Homes‘ Imagine Series carries the torch of Wright’s Usonian vision. Designed in the 1930s, Wright’s Usonian homes were a response to the economic hardship of the Great Depression. These homes emphasized affordability, quick construction, and a connection to nature. Common features included natural materials, open floor plans, and expansive overhanging roofs.


The company offers nine kit options ranging from compact 900-square-foot dwellings to sprawling 3,000-square-foot estates. Each design embodies Wright’s core principles, including open layouts and broad indoor-outdoor living spaces. For instance, The Madison, a two-bedroom, two-bathroom kit measuring 1,603 square feet, draws inspiration from Jacobs 1, the very first Usonian home designed by Wright.

lindal frank lloyd wright
Frank Lloyd Wright designed his Usonian homes in the 1930s to be affordable and easy to buildlindal frank lloyd wright
the Usonian designs emphasized natural materials and open floor plans build your own frank lloyd wright house with this kit series by lindal cedar homes
Lindal’s Imagine Series offers nine options of Usonian-inspired kits ranging from 900 to 3,000 square feet build your own frank lloyd wright house with this kit series by lindal cedar homes
Lindal Cedar Homes has sold ten kits and completed four houses so far



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project title: Lindal Imagine Series

company: Lindal Cedar Homes | @lindal_cedar_homes

partner: Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation | @wrighttaliesin