located in the forest near valle de bravo, 160 km from mexico city, ‘casa ocoxal’ by a-001 taller de arquitectura is a private holiday home which integrates with the surrounding nature in a harmonious, respectful manner. the project consists of two superimposed volumes, with an inhabitable void area emerging between them. 

casa ocoxal 1
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the top volume of casa ocoxal by 001-taller de arquitectura contains the private family rooms, while the lower volume contains semi-private spaces, such as guest rooms. in the void generated by the intersection of these volumes, one can find a shared space allowing for a close, meaningful relationship between interior & exterior to bloom.

casa ocoxal 2



one of the client’s main requests was that the living space allows life to flow alongside the environment. therefore, the main challenge for the a-001 team was to build a bridge that brings the dwelling closer to the surrounding land. this was achieved through the conservation and exploitation of the existing natural resources, which help residents connect with the flora and the fauna of the region. 

casa ocoxal 3



part of the project is located in a ravine through which a river runs, feeding the hydraulic mill that generates enough electricity to supply 70% of the house’s power supply. this also allows for a water distribution network, an irrigation canal, water exploitation, wetlands, plantation areas, fruit trees, and orchards. in addition, there is a rainwater recollection plant, which treats and filters the water that is used for the hydrosanitary services, the pool, and the irrigation of the green areas. the unused water flows back into the river in the ravine, achieving zero waste.

casa ocoxal 4



the residence employs passive bioclimatic control technologies to take advantage of the environment’s natural resources, and regulate factors like humidity and temperature. the rooftop is covered in 20 solar panels which ensure access to warm water, for the bathrooms and the pool. furthermore, the dwelling allows an enjoyable temperature to be preserved throughout the year, even during winter, thanks to the venturi natural extraction system and a facade that provides healthy ventilation through a series of interior and exterior ducts and vents.

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project info:


name: casa ocoxal
architecture office: a-001 taller de arquitectura
lead architect: eduardo gorozpe
location: avandaro, valle de bravo, mexico



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