‘headspace’ for ‘a room for london’ by LOCi : architecture + B15A, london, england images courtesy of LOCi : architecture + B15A

london’s LOCi : architecture has teamed up with b15a, artist erythy and structural engineers TALL engineers to create ‘headroom’ for living architecture’s ‘a room for london’ competition. 

the symbolic and natural form, similar to the crown of a dandelion becomes a protected place, reminding those who can see it of the nature that does not exist within the city. perched upon the roof of the queen elizabeth hall, the temporary hotel room gives expression to a secret place. planted with vegetation that withstands the gradient weather of the city, the object highlights the momentary existence of living organisms on earth.  

LOCi : architecture + b15a: a room for london exterior view

the dwelling participates in a continuous dialogue with its surroundings, reflecting the lights of the city which camouflage the skin of the structure, becoming its apparent surface. consisting of a ribbon-like cladding material, the exterior of the unit is woven system that originates and terminates from a number of circular apertures. these oculi direct the inhabitants views of the london cityscape.

on the inside, a cocoon-like atmosphere dominates to provide a sensual and unique experience for the overnight guests. an crescent shaped external garden terrace harmonizes the interior and exterior spaces to create a place of solitude above the busy southbank. 

LOCi : architecture + b15a: a room for london interior

LOCi : architecture + b15a: a room for london plan

LOCi : architecture + b15a: a room for london technical diagram

LOCi : architecture + b15a: a room for london ‘senza uscure di casa’, a large print on forex by artist erythy relates the artist aesthetic research to the architectural vision