’24-hour scope’ – from central park into the guggenheim museum

contemplating the void: interventions in the guggenheim museum solomon r. guggenheim museum, new york on now until april 28th, 2010 as part of the ‘contemplating the void: interventions in the guggenheim museum’ exhibition, the new york-based architecture firm LOT-EK has imagined the ’24-hour scope’ inside the institution’s rotunda. the proposal draws on this idea of climbing through a metal tube which begins inside new york city’s central park, encountering the guggenheim museum with peace and balance. the tube is constructed from eight decommissioned boeing 707 fuselages that are interconnected to form one continuous tube, cut to create two apertures for entry and observation. the significance of using the boeing 707 is that the jet airliner began its domestic service in the united states in 1959, the same year in which the guggenheim museum opened in new york.

the mechanized vehicular transportation system moves visitors indeterminate distances, while keeping them relative to the interior environment. within the scope, you find yourself suspended within the column of air at the centre of the guggenheim space. you realize you are unable to go any further. there is no connection to the museum, you do not land on the museum’s ramp that you see, you cannot view the art, but you’re still in the city. you’re back where you began.

LOT EK: 24 hour scope the scope would be suspended over the rotunda, but does not extend right into the museum exhibition space

LOT EK: 24 hour scopetwo apertures are available for entry and observation

LOT EK: 24 hour scope