‘maisons mitoyennes’ by LRS architectes in charrot, switzerland all images courtesy LRS architectes image © thomas jantscher

geneva-based practice LRS architectes (laurent lin, alain robbe, rolf seiler) has sent us images of ‘maisons mitoyennes’, a two-storey private house in the historic village of charrot, switzerland. referencing the predominant material pallete present in the local area, the vernacular design legibly defines the domestic space for two families under one roof.

LRS architectes: maisons mitoyennes elevation image © thomas jantscher

sculpted out as an irregular volume, the monolithic structure feature eight facets that traces out a slim and stretched layout. the ground floor is divided into two autonomous units with a centrally-running corridor where the respective entrances are placed. topped off by a double sloped roof form, the second storey is read from the exterior as one continuous structure as the two houses meet in the center over the entryway.

LRS architectes: maisons mitoyennesinterior view image © thomas jantscher

the playful shape of the plans give way to an interior that is largely open with unconventional dimensions and scales. on the ground level, the majority of the floor area is devoted to an unobstructed communal space with a kitchen unit on one end. perforated with a number of square-faced windows of different sizes, the programs benefit from abundant natural daylight as well as views out to the surrounding plot. a series of interior windows finished in a similar fashion continues the language of the facade into the internal expression. 

LRS architectes: maisons mitoyennesupper level image © thomas jantscher

LRS architectes: maisons mitoyennesexterior view image © thomas jantscher

LRS architectes: maisons mitoyennesnight viewimage © thomas jantscher

LRS architectes: maisons mitoyennesfloor plan / level 0

LRS architectes: maisons mitoyennesfloor plan / level +1

LRS architectes: maisons mitoyenneslongitudinal section

LRS architectes: maisons mitoyennescross section

LRS architectes: maisons mitoyenneseast elevation

LRS architectes: maisons mitoyennesnorth elevation

LRS architectes: maisons mitoyennessouth elevation