‘niwanosumika’ by mA-style design of architecture + planning, toyko, japan images courtesy of mA-style design of architecture + planning

japanese practice mA-style design of architecture + planning has sent us images of their recently completed project entitled ‘niwanosumika’. designed for an elderly couple, the home is situated opposite their children’s in a residential area of tokyo, japan. responding to the existing concrete structure and dividing park-like garden, the dwelling features a low-lying design that aims to be accessible and functional above all else.  

mA style: niwanosumika approach

open and permeable in its approach, the single story structure is free of traditional walls and boundaries of space, allowing it to ambiguously merge with the surrounding environment. a network of interconnected boxes and corridors compose the interior volume of the home, dictating the overall flow of light and movement. organized in relation to their immediate context, the enclosed forms create a series of private and intimate areas within the larger, more exposed structure and define the perimeters of the home.

mA style: niwanosumika entrance

the exclusive application of cedar siding further integrates interior and exterior environments, emphasizing the porous

and accessible nature of the home. treated as one space, the dwelling appears to seamlessly extend inwards as a continuous

expression, its borders unknown. retractable walls are incorporated into the design, allowing the home owners to fully

enclose the home when necessary.

mA style: niwanosumika view into kitchen, living room, dining room

mA style: niwanosumika dining room with view to garden

mA style: niwanosumika kitchen and dining room

mA style: niwanosumika (left) kitchen and corridor (right) living room with view towards kitchen

mA style: niwanosumika living room

mA style: niwanosumika wood stove in living room

mA style: niwanosumika (left) corridor (right) garden

mA style: niwanosumika overall view of front facade

mA style: niwanosumika site plan and floor plan / level 0