ma yansong ‘between (global) modernity and (local) tradition’, madrid spainall images courtesy of MAD architects



ma yansong of beijing-based MAD architects, will exhibit ‘between (global) modernity and (local) tradition’ a diverse collection of his work at the museo ICO in madrid, spain. the pieces on show will bring together projects such as the ‘city & art museum’ in ordos, and the ‘absolute towers’ located in a suburb  outside of toronto, canada.he creates worlds with an architectural focus on emotion and context, provoking the virtual which explores a new dimension in contemporary culture.



‘our work is an attitude, a posture towards architecture, towards society. through our work we want people to be inspired by a place through local nature, time and space. when I design a building, I close my eyes and feel as if I see a virtual world which lays half way between the city, the nature and the land. it goes from large scale to small scale. many things travel in front of my eyes; I feel them and try to find the way to express my feelings.’ – ma yansong



ma yansong retrospective in madridview of ‘absolute towers’



ma yansong retrospective in madridmodel of ‘superstar’, self-sustaining city, 2008 



ma yansong retrospective in madridmodels in exhibition space(left) ‘urban forest’ model(right) ‘superstar’ model



ma yansong retrospective in madridmodel of solar-powered ‘floating’ museum, 2010 



ma yansong retrospective in madridfish tank exploration study



ma yansong retrospective in madrid