development and design firm macro sea has remodeled berlin’s 100 year old roka manufacturing complex in partnership with the council on international education and exchange, into ‘G27’. the structure is a vertical campus which integrates classrooms and dining while integrating spaces for socializing which promote vigorous dialogue between students. the structure achieves the precepts of an exchange program; fostering cross-cultural learning and introspection.

macro sea G27 7
drawing on the myriad berlin’s design motifs, the spaces reflect the multi-cultural character of their location
all images courtesy of macro sea

macro sea G27 2
the project is centered on a large communal space which incorporates a range of purposes in a warm setting

macro sea G27 3
intimate dining spaces feature contemporary design which facilitate interaction

macro sea G27 4
elements of the factory’s original design are still evident, giving the building an authentic feel

macro sea G27 5
the campus features a multitude of social spaces which cultivate the connections essential to open exchange and debate

macro sea G27 6
the campus can accommodate over 200 residents and incorporates artifacts salvaged from the original structure 



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edited by: trevor reed | designboom