made in earth vibrantly colors foster home for HIV-positive children in rural india
all images courtesy of made in earth




guided with the aim to use architecture as a tool to improve the everyday lives of people and the environment. ‘casa rana’ by the non-profit italian organization made in earth (MiE) is a foster home designed for the HIV-positive children in india. based in the rural village of anaipirandhan, tiruvannamalai, the colorful design features a bamboo curtain creating a shaded partition between the outdoors and indoors. the specialist program accommodates fifteen HIV-positive children by immersing them in a caring environment where they can engage in vocational trainings and educational activities.

in 2010, made in earth (mie) started collaborating with the indian ngo terre des hommes core trust




the structure itself is composed of two monolithic concrete slabs, one as the raised plinth and the other as the walkable roof. wedge in-between, is five volumes holding the three dormitories, main bedroom, kitchen, bathrooms and storage. the small volumes disperse into gathering space, or form flat roofs acting as skylights and chimneys for natural ventilation. the layout is sensitive and responds to the children’s needs, allowing them to play freely. furthermore, by revitalizing traditional materials and construction techniques, this preserves the local, cultural diversities but most importantly, the project promotes social inclusion, gender equality and gives vulnerable children a secure and understanding environment.

the casa rana project is part of a special care program that follows disadvantaged children from early childhood

the building is wrapped in a bamboo curtain

children are encouraged to play freely while being watched by adults

the building structure is composed of two monolithic concrete slabs

the colored small volumes extend from the wide flat roof as skylights and chimneys for natural ventilation

the design aims to restore and revitalize traditional materials and building systems to preserve cultural diversities

the bamboo curtain creates shaded areas between indoor and outdoor spaces

the foster home hosts fifteen HIV-positive children in a loving family atmosphere



project info:


location: tiruvannamalai (tamil nadu, india)
program: home for HIV affected children
area: 150 sqm
beneficiary: terre des hommes core trust
donor: mr. roberto grassi
cost: €70,000
founders: giancarlo artese, ada catapano, sebastiano gorini, diego lama
team: giuliana sandulli, flavia scognamillo, alessandro turchi
collaborators: pasquale bianchini, rossella cincotti, luca de felice, cristina de gennaro, luigi della morte, adriana raguso, saragina salino, silvana scarati, nicola serra.
consultant: energia & ambiente srl