MAFCOhouse brings japanese and nordic influences to new getaway in rural canada

MAFCOhouse brings japanese and nordic influences to new getaway in rural canada

‘nortehaus’ by mafcohouse embraces a multicultural spirit  


Nestled above the ground, surrounded by a river and trees in Canada’s Kawartha Lakes region, not too far from the city, ‘nortehaus’ is a unique getaway and grounding space designed by local practice MAFCOhouse. Drawing from Nordic and Japanese influences, the nature-infused retreat embraces simplicity, sustainability, and the ever-beloved Danish concept of ‘hygge’, a feeling of absolute coziness and wellness.


Even more, ‘nortehaus’ combines the Spanish word ‘norte’ (north) with the German term ‘haus’ (house) as a nod to the project’s multicultural owners, a family of three who wished to escape Toronto’s hustling culture. ‘Being a hideaway is an integral part of the nortehaus concept and so the exact location will be shared with you once you complete your booking,’ the owners write. 

MAFCOhouse brings japanese and nordic influences to new getaway in rural canada
all images courtesy of MAFCOhouse



a nature-infused and minimalist getaway 


MAFCOhouse designed the retreat to accommodate four guests; visitors are welcomed into a two-bedroom and two-bathroom space, exuding an overall minimalist design enriched by natural textural elements. Thanks to its wall-to-wall and floor-to-floor ceiling windows, the surrounding nature becomes the focal point at ‘nortehaus’. 


Enjoy, reflect and let go from the many distinctly designed relaxation areas: a soak in the primary bedroom’s bathtub, cozied up next to the fire in the living room, or lounging on the outdoor patio – a view of the forest and river can be enjoyed from all. The primary bedroom features a queen-size 12-inch memory foam mattress, a large bathtub, and a beautiful ensuite bathroom, and of course, the view speaks for itself. Go to sleep and wake up surrounded by nature,’ continue the owners.

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As for the living, dining, and kitchen areas, the architects envisioned an open-plan and expansive design that is one with nature. Complementing this space is a second, snug bedroom with a 12-inch memory foam mattress and a full ensuite with a floor-to-ceiling tiled shower. ‘All elements throughout ‘nortehaus’ were selected with an appreciation for high-end materials. Steps from the coziness of the indoors is a short walk down to the riverfront where our guests can go for a lazy swim in the summertime or a cold plunge in the cooler months,’ shares the family.


You can book your stay at ‘nortehaus’ by visiting the getaway website here.

nortehaus nordic and japanese inspired escape 12
‘nortehaus’ nestles above ground in the Canadian woodland

nortehaus nordic and japanese inspired escape 8

nortehaus nordic and japanese inspired escape 10
floor-to-ceiling windows bring in nature


nortehaus nordic and japanese inspired escape 9
combining Nordic and Japanese design

nortehaus nordic and japanese inspired escape 7





project info:


name: nortehaus

program: four-person retreat 

location: Kawartha Lakes region, Canada 
architecture: MAFCOhouse



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