marriott’s first W hotel in saudi arabia to debut within NEOM trojena's futuristic ski resort

marriott’s first W hotel in saudi arabia to debut within NEOM trojena's futuristic ski resort

First ever W hotel in saudi arabia and within NEOM


NEOM will be welcoming not one but two luxury hotel properties from Marriott International, Inc. as the brand officially seals the deal to build Saudi Arabia’s first W Hotel and a JW Marriott property. These hotels will occupy the futuristic ski resort of the NEOM mountains, Trojena. Chris Newman, Executive Director of NEOM Hotel Development, says that the JW Marriott will serve as a venue for major global conferences and exhibitions, as well as high-profile events, while the W Hotel will accommodate visitors to the snowy mountain.


Chadi Hauch, the Regional Vice President and Lodging Development of the Middle East at Marriott International, says that the company is excited to work with NEOM to develop the two properties in ‘one of the most highly anticipated developments in the world.’ As of publishing the story, Marriott International has not yet stated the opening date of the two properties. On the other hand, Trojena is expected to be completed and to welcome visitors and new residents in late 2026, in time to host the Asian Winter Games in 2029.

neom trojena marriott w hotel
rendering of The Bow were the JW Marriott Hotel will be situated in | image by Marriott International Inc.



W Hotel and JW Marriott hotel in trojena


Even before the opening, interested guests can already foresee that the Marriott International’s W Hotel in Trojena, NEOM will feature 236 guest rooms, including 47 suites, with unobstructed views of the mountains and a freshwater lake. Four dining destinations and retail spaces will also emerge inside the W Hotel alongside shopping markets and entertainment areas. The first W Hotel in Saudi Arabia will surface within NEOM Trojena’s Lake Village.


This village is being developed for residential, hospitality, and commercial architecture that sits directly at the water’s edge. This 2.8-kilometer-long architectural lake will also be a destination that is expected to feature an enchanted forest and waterfront adventures. Design plans for the property comprise signature brand spaces including a Living Room, WET Deck, W Lounge, AWAY Spa, and FIT fitness center.

neom trojena marriott w hotel
rendering of the W Hotel within the Lake Village | image by Marriott International Inc.



Waving hello to its neighbor, the JW Marriott Hotel will be situated in The Bow, Trojena’s anticipated futuristic water world, which, according to NEOM and Marriott International, will incorporate technology to create its nature and living environment. How it will be implemented and for what purposes are still up in the air.


The substructures of the hotel, which is tucked away in the mountains, will be built to endure the weight and pressure of the water that surrounds it. Other areas are planned to be built in a way that they can easily be adjustable to allow for year-round use, including an atrium that can accommodate sizable gatherings.


The hotel is expected to have 500 rooms and suites, along with a range of entertainment and recreational amenities like a ballroom, meeting rooms, five dining options, a fitness center, a kids’ club, swimming pools, and a spa.

neom trojena marriott w hotel
the hotels that will be build in the ski resort aims to have unobstructed views



Real and artificial snow for all-year winter period


Located in the Tabuk region of northwest Saudi Arabia, Trojena is poised to be a futuristic ski resort adjacent to its NEOM family. According to NEOM, Saudi Arabia’s inconsistent snow periods encourage Trojena to use a combination of real and artificial snow to create an alpine environment for sports, living, and recreation purposes year-round. Trojena’s team states that its average winter temperatures reach sub-zero levels, and its year-round temperatures are consistently cooler than the rest of the region. This information drives the city’s team to ensure there is snow regardless of the time of year.


Chadi Hauch of Middle East Marriott International adds that ‘W Hotels continues to redefine the luxury hospitality sector, and NEOM is an ideal fit with its vision centered around innovation, creativity, design, and exploration, while JW Marriott, one of our flagship brands, will bring its legacy of extraordinary hospitality, thoughtful design, and enriching experiences.’ The statement is complemented by Philip Gullett, Executive Director of Trojena, who says that ‘Trojena redefines the understanding of ultra-luxury hospitality and mountain tourism. We are delighted to have two of Marriott International’s iconic brands at the forefront of luxury travel, W Hotels and JW Marriott, join us to elevate the travel experience for discerning guests.’

marriott’s first W hotel in saudi arabia to debut within NEOM trojena's futuristic ski resort
Ennismore’s 25hours Hotels and Morgans Originals will also be built in Trojena, NEOM


Marriott’s first W hotel in Saudi Arabia to debut in ski resort of NEOM’s Trojena mountains

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