machteld d’hollander plants this 'martelaar house' as a tropical oasis in ghent

machteld d’hollander plants this 'martelaar house' as a tropical oasis in ghent

a garden house in belgium


The Belgian city of Ghent is the unlikely backdrop for this Martelaar House, a lush oasis by local architect Machteld D’Hollander. The home stands in contrast to its urban surroundings — known for its medieval influences and dreary climate — as it is infused with a tropical, sunlit atmosphere and gardens which flourish from the outside-in.

The renovation project includes the addition of two contemporary garden pavilions, with plants and trees thriving in place of a cramped structure. Still, the design team leaves a reminder of the dwelling’s industrial past with elements of the original structure, including some of its original derelict walls, left to shine between the foliage.

Martelaar House Machteld D'Hollanderimages © Stijn Bollaert@stijn_bollaert



a place for escape by machteld d’hollander


The Martelaar House is more than just a renovation — it is a transformation by Machteld D’Hollander of space and atmosphere. The conversion of a once-enclosed and cluttered industrial space into a verdant sanctuary lends an escape from the surrounding urban environment. With a keen understanding of the power of greenery, the architect teams up with landscape designers Bart & Pieter to emphasize this integration of nature into the built environment. Walls that once defined boundaries are replaced with a profusion of plants and trees, creating a harmonious coexistence of architecture and landscape.

Martelaar House Machteld D'Hollandernature grows inside and out the residential renovation

Martelaar House Machteld D'Hollander
landscape designers Bart & Pieter infuse the space with gardensMartelaar House Machteld D'Hollander
the renovation includes two new pavilionsMartelaar House Machteld D'Hollanderthe once-cluttered industrial building is opened up with full-height glass walls


a canopy of trees provides shading to lend filtered sunlight and patterned shadows

Martelaar House Machteld D'Hollanderderelict walls are replaced with plants and trees


elements of the industrial space are left as a reminder of the original structure

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