MASAAI studio is renovating an estate of old houses in northern italy

MASAAI studio is renovating an estate of old houses in northern italy

a countryside destination opens in verona


Verona-based architects MASAAI Studio completes Locanda Case Vecie, a renovation project which has transformed an historic estate into a contemporary, design-minded hub for agri-tourism. The boutique hotel can be discovered outside Grezzana, a northern Italian town defined by high-altitude vineyards, woodlands, and scenic hills dotted with farm cottages. The existing stone building on site had been slated for renovation since 2021, and now stands completed as a major addition to the larger pastoral complex for tourists traveling throughout the Italian countryside.

masaai case vecieimages © Francesca Iovene



the inn of old houses ‘locanda case vecie’


Encompassing MASAAI Studio’s Locanda Case Vecie, or inn of old houses, redevelopment is a larger hospitality master plan, spanning the entire seventy-hectare site. The architects‘ vision celebrates a new paradigm of slow, sustainable, and experiential tourism, intricately intertwined with the exploration and appreciation of the surrounding territory. Planned as an ongoing, decade-long endeavor, the project entails the restoration and repurposing of ancient ruins, the establishment of a modern agricultural center, and the future placement of glamping tents, camper pitches, and thematic hiking trails, all set against the backdrop of the idyllic hilly landscape.

masaai case vecie
Locanda Case Vecie is a beacon of sustainable tourism in the rolling hills outside Verona



masaai studio celebrates outdoor living in italy


Locanda Case Vecie marks the centerpiece of this revitalization effort, a guest house designed by MASAAI Studio to offer a multifaceted experience encompassing hospitality, dining, and wine tasting amidst the estate’s verdant vineyards. Embracing a philosophy of harmonious synthesis, the project blends the rustic charm of the original rural structures with contemporary infrastructure essential for modern wine production. Preserving the facade and courtyard in their authentic state, the Locanda invites guests to immerse themselves in the passage of time, while also providing modern amenities such as a green pergola and an outdoor cycle workshop, fostering a sense of community for passersby and bicycle enthusiasts alike.

masaai case vecie
MASAAI Studio’s vision integrates heritage architecture, contemporary design, and landscape



The renovation project further encompasses a comprehensive overhaul of the interior layout to suit its newfound purpose. Extensive structural enhancements, including foundation consolidation and the creation of a rock-cut cellar, have been undertaken, alongside the integration of modern systems and thermal insulation measures. The ground floor of the Locanda boasts an inviting open-space tavern, complete with a spacious kitchen area and a galvanized iron serving counter, catering to both food and wine lovers alike.

masaai case vecie
the guest house combines historic atmosphere and modern amenities



Ascending to the upper floors reveals two fully equipped apartments, each capable of accommodating up to ten guests, complete with kitchens, bathrooms, and bedrooms. Moreover, the first floor hosts a unique space once used for grape drying, now transformed into a double-height room with a mezzanine and a convenient dumbwaiter connecting directly to the kitchen, making it ideal for hosting private events. The renovation celebrates the rich heritage of the estate by incorporating heritage materials such as stone walls and tuff frames with contemporary elements like galvanized iron, laminated fir wood, and industrial concrete.

MASAAI studio is renovating an estate of old houses in northern italy
the building has been structurally reinforced to ensure durability


renovation efforts preserve heritage while introducing contemporary comforts

MASAAI studio is renovating an estate of old houses in northern italy
fully equipped apartments accommodate up to ten guests


the project has a range of diverse functions including a grape-drying room

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