‘the bank’ was the first project wonderwall/masamichi katayama worked on after its founding in 2000, and sixteen years later it has now been reopened. the building which was originally constructed in 1927 as the yuigahama branch of the kamakura bank in kanagawa, japan, still holds its original charm through its focus on traditional features.

masamichi katayama wonderwall the bank japan designboom 02
all images © kozo takayama 



the concept of this project was based on the question ‘what if it were a bar, rather than a bank?’. late art director kaworu watanabe proposed in 2000 to mix an irish bar with a traditional japanese feel. after being closed for almost a year and a half, wonderwall took over the management in 2016, converting the second floor into a living room-like lounge featuring traditional furniture with key abstract pieces. overall the setting offers a comfortable inviting space in which to relax and unwind, capturing the atmosphere of the original bar in a new and alternative fashion.

masamichi katayama wonderwall the bank japan designboom 03

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