the ‘mashambas skyscraper’ has been designed for the an area in east area to introduce a green revolution to the people living in sub-saharan africa still living in poverty. realized by pawel lipiński and mateusz frankowski from poland, their innovative proposal has been awarded first place in eVolo’s 2017 skyscraper competition.

all images © pawel lipiński / mateusz frankowski



using architecture to improve the lives of small farmers is one of the main objectives of ‘mashambas’. the winning eVolo competition scheme would serve as a mobile educational center, erected in the poorest areas of the continent. training, fertilizer, and seeds would be distributed from there to the small farmers and provide opportunity to produce as much produce per acre as huge modern farms. in turn, the agriculture surrounding the building will begin to flourish and grow and once the local community becomes self-sufficient it will move on to other places.

the building will host education, training on agricultural techniques, cheap fertilizers, and modern tools



the structure itself would be made up of simple modular elements, making it easy to assemble, deconstruct and transport. the stacked modules will create the high-rise, which is the form that takes the smallest possible land space from local farmers.



‘today hunger and poverty may be only african matter, but the world’s population will likely reach nine billion by 2050, scientists warn that this would result in global food shortage. africa’s fertile farmland could not only feed its own growing population, it could also feed the whole world.’

the different levels will cater to different services included drone service, classrooms and fields

the building of modules