mattch builds coral reef chapel to maximize views in guam
all images courtesy of mattch


japanese practice, mattch, has built the ‘coral reef chapel’ with full windows that creates an aquarium-like setting. overlooking the vast pacific ocean, the church is used primarily for wedding ceremonies. like sea creatures congregating around a reef, the sanctuary is symbolic of its name, as it brings many people together on the island of guam. resting on a ridge, the geometry of the building opens to expand views of the surrounding landscape. entering from the north of the structure, a visitor is redirected toward eastern facing pews as the nave gradually widens in area towards the altar. the bride and groom are framed between a slightly bent H-beam which hoists the highest point of the ceiling, capturing the rising sun behind the ocean. 



built as close to the edge of the site as possible, the chapel remains clear and reflective much like the ocean



visitors enter the building from the north along side a hotel pool



a sculpture symbolic of a dolphin’s air bubbles decorates the interior of the space



the church also houses a trapezoidal lounge leading to a reading room



a prayer inscribed on the roof can be read easily at sunset



a night photo of the chapel which is used primarily for wedding services


mattch builds coral reef chapel to maximize views in guam




floor plan






north elevation