matthijs la roi architects and BART//BRATKE have teamed up to design a concert hall for the german city of nuremberg. the city is steeped in history and this proposal is an amalgamation of many historical architectural themes combined in a modern, stylistic approach. the proposed plan would occupy 17,000 square meters.

nuremberg concert hall
all images © BART//BRATKE + matthijs la roi architects



the concert hall designed by matthijs la roi architects and BART//BRATKE expands on the rich history of the city. the meistersingerhalle, the city’s municipal culture and congress center, is a modernist-style concert space built in the 1960s. this geometric landmark’s newly-proposed neighbor will weave through the landscape with an intricate series of green spaces and pavements that pay homage to the existing cityscape. the inside is embellished with stones, which are on display as the audience walks through the mezzanine into the 1,600-seat auditorium.

nuremberg concert hall
an electric use of materials defines the building in the landscape



the interlocking stonework on the façade references both the city’s many famous castles, as well as its well-known quarry. yet, unlike the region’s historic stone buildings, the stone patterns are set at an angle, giving the building a light and airy impression despite its tremendous weight. this effect is naturally added-to by the sweeping planes of glass that rise out of the stone. the architects describe this proposal as an interplay of tradition and modernity. according to them, ‘the solid base grounds the structure, which creates an inviting lightness through its vertical foyer as a central distributor together with a translucent, energy-optimized roof construction.’

nuremberg concert hall
a meandering set of stairs defines the interior space



project info:


location: nuremberg, germany
status: design proposal / competition entry
size: 17,000 sqm
BART//BRATKE design team: paul clemens bart, marvin bratke
matthijs la roi architects design team: mattijs la roi