‘house dpr’ by mck architects all images courtesy mck architects photographer: willem rethmeier & simon wood

sydney-based office mck architects has sent us images of ‘dpr house’, a three-storey family residence in australia. situated on a sloped site, the design of the house is treated as an integral part of the landscape, featuring angled forms that give fluidity to the overall volume as well as a dynamic exterior expression.

mck architects: dpr houseexterior view

drawing from the natural terrain, the house creates its own topography, folding and hinging at various levels to define the proportions of both the interior and exterior living space. a decking system snakes around the property to wrap around an outdoor pool and carve out a series of outdoor spaces from the sloping rear garden. the volume of the house interacts with the shape of this deck plan, protruding at specific points to offer coverage and shade. the pool, which is sunken in, extends from the underground level to the garden, serving as an anchoring focal point from many vantage points throughout the dwelling.

mck architects: dpr housestreet view

the palette of materials was chosen to reflect the surrounding heritage context with traditional materials such as dark face brick work, timber shakes, slate tiles and copper sheeting. from the street, the house is revealed in form-blocking layers and seemingly unfurls to its full arrangement as the approach is made towards the rear garden.  

mck architects: dpr housedeck space

mck architects: dpr housebackyard

mck architects: dpr house pool

mck architects: dpr house (left) tank (right) overhang of structure

mck architects: dpr housecirculation

mck architects: dpr house (left) staircase (right) corridor

mck architects: dpr housedining and living

mck architects: dpr house

mck architects: dpr house bedroom

mck architects: dpr housenight view

mck architects: dpr house floor plan / level -1 (1) driveway (2) garage (3) plant room (4) store room (5) cellar (6) OSD tank (7) lower entry (8) guest bedroom (9) ensuite (10) pool (11) pool deck (12) rear garden

mck architects: dpr house floor plan / level 0 (1) driveway (10) pool (11) pool deck (12) rear garden (13) front garden (14) entry (15) living (16) kitchen (17) deck (18) laundry (19) WC (20) bin store (21) daybed (22) BBQ area (23) covered courtyard (24) bedroom 1+2 (25) study (26) mediaroom (27) bathroom

mck architects: dpr house floor plan / level +1 (28) main bedroom (29) deck (30) ensuite (31) walk-in closet (32) tatami room (33) roof (34) mezzanine (35) void

mck architects: dpr housenorth elevation

mck architects: dpr housesouth elevation

mck architects: dpr housewest elevation

project info:

builder: artechne structural engineer: simpson design associates hydraulic engineer: taylor thomson witting landscape architect: aspect quantity surveyor: QS plus joinery: DUWA planning consultant: mersonn heritage consultant: city plan heritage