arquine magazine’s second mextrópoli festival will take place from march 6 – 10 this year, with numerous events taking place around the city – including its highly enjoyable conference in the city’s downtown. the speakers confirmed in this edition include dominique perrault (paris), 2010 winner of the gold medal at the academy of architecture and richard burdett (london) director of the planning programs of at the london school of economics and principal adviser for the master plan of the olympic games london 2012, among others:


pedro gadanho | architect – new york

liu xiaodu | architect – shenzhen

pier vittorio aureli | architect – brussels

richard sennet | sociologist – new york

flores & prats | architects – barcelona

teodoro gonzález de león | architect – mexico city

enrique norten | architect – mexico city

francesco careri | architect – rome

phyllis lambert | philanthropist – montreal

juan pablo ortiz | architect – bogotá

anupama kundoo | architect – mumbai

saskia sassen | sociologist – new york

pablo lazo | urbanist – sao paulo


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mexico city as the heart of the continent and the city with most density requires activities with a sense of revitalization of new experiences. ideas to activate the urban space not only by top professionals in the world, but from its habitants, which live it every day. mextrópoli 2015 reiterates its commitment to the creation of spaces for interaction between citizens and experts to put in practice community creative exercising, critical thinking and participation, enabling the generation of new ideas, knowledge and reflections on architecture and the city in which we live.


as with last year the proposed link with the city is through six actions:

listen: lectures

speaking: public dialogues

participate: specialized fairs in design, books and food plus a few workshops 

observe: urban cinema festival and exhibitions

scroll: routes in bicycles and guided tours

celebrate: parties, concerts and book presentations



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