michael jantzen conceives fragmented folding mirrors pavilion
all images courtesy of michael jantzen




the ‘folding mirrors’ pavilion is one iteration in a series of small, interactive structures by los angeles based architect and designer michael jantzen. conceived as an alternative personal retreat, the pavilion allows users to change the unit’s shape and function by folding its hinged panels into a diverse range of configurations.

michael jantzen folding mirrors pavilion designboom
cube formation 




‘folding mirrors’ is composed of an eight-foot cube shaped frame, with each of its five faces fitted with three hinged, mirror-clad panels. two of the hinges on each side (and top) are connected directly to the metal frame, while the third is linked to one of the panels. all can be folded flat, to create a solid cube, and oppositely can all be folded to form various spaces. by breaking the planes, both person and landscape can be interacted with in unexpected ways. reflections are fragmented and altered, changing with every movement, shift of light, or passing event

michael jantzen folding mirrors pavilion designboom
folding open 

the ‘folding mirrors’ pavilion was conceived as a small getaway for individuals 

michael jantzen folding mirrors pavilion designboom
random configuration 

each face of the cube is composed of three hinged mirror-clad panels  

michael jantzen folding mirrors pavilion designboom
interior detail 



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