sigurd larsen unites architecture and gastronomy at germany's michelberger farm

sigurd larsen unites architecture and gastronomy at germany's michelberger farm

michelberger farm: Gastronomy from Seed to Plate


The newly completed Michelberger Farm, designed by Berlin-based architect Sigurd Larsen, is a celebration of architecture, agriculture, and gastronomy in Spreewald, Germany. The structure emerges from the forested landscape and has been realized with great respect for tradition and sustainability. Built from brick and wood, the building evokes the journey of food, from seed to the sublime dining experience.


My favorite part about the Michelberger Farm is waking up in the morning and opening the door to the bedroom,’ writes Sigurd Larsen. ‘As you slowly wake up, you can hear the kitchen team downstairs preparing the breakfast, all made of berries and crops from the field you are looking at from your bed. It feels like you wake up in a friend’s big house on the country side.’

sigurd larsen michelberger farmimages © KKROM



connecting the community with nature and gastronomy


The architects led by Sigurd Larsen design Michelberger Farm to mirror the natural and sustainable processes of food production. The materials, just like the ingredients in a chef’s kitchen, are carefully harvested, processed, dried, heated, and assembled, resulting in a structure rich in textures, scents, and color hues. It symbolizes the farm’s connection to the land and its dedication to preserving traditional, sustainable agricultural practices.

The fourth wing of the vernacular farm ensemble has been lovingly reconstructed and reinterpreted to become the new heart of the Farm. It embodies the concept that food has the unique ability to bring people together, and this building serves as a literal gathering point, uniting visitors under one roof. Rather than enclosing the inner court, the ground floor opens out through a glass facade which lends a fluid transition from the indoor space to the surrounding fields.

sigurd larsen michelberger farm
Michelberger Farm in Spreewald, Germany celebrates the journey of food from seed to table



sigurd Larsen translates tradition through a modern lens


The traditional red brick facade, usually hidden from view, is inverted to create an elevated plinth from which two massive brick elements extend. One of these elements houses a fully-equipped kitchen, while the other features a welcoming fireplace. The latter extends beyond the building, forming a connection to the upper floor and carrying the hovering roof. This unique design plays with tradition and modernity, encapsulating the essence of the Michelberger Farm.

The upper floor provides a series of small sleeping spaces with just the essentials of countryside dwelling — a bed, a lamp, and a sweeping view of nature. A panoramic window, cutting through the roof, offers an expansive view of the adjacent fields and the distant forest. The balcony hallway provides intimate nooks for studying or contemplation, allowing guests to soak in the ambiance of the dining room below.

sigurd larsen michelberger farm
the brick and wood building blends with its traditional context



Sigurd Larsen Architects penetrates the Michelberger Farm building with a brick tower, the property’s highest point, which affords a panoramic view. Like a nest, it offers a secluded place to relax and admire the natural surroundings. Complementing the red bricks and traditional red tiled roof, the dark, burned wood interiors complete the earthy, haptic aesthetics of the warm material palette. This palette pays homage to the unique and sustainable farming concept of Michelberger Farm and its culinary endeavors.

sigurd larsen michelberger farm
the fourth wing becomes the heart of the property with a glass facade connecting guests to the fields beyond



The Michelberger Farm, originally a 19th-century four-wing ensemble, adheres to a typical regional typology found in Spreewald. The building between the inner court and the field, once a ruin, has been replaced by the new hotel building. This renovation preserves the historical essence by incorporating wooden beams from the old ruin, repurposed as furniture in the new structure. This embodies the concept of continuity, where the past and present coexist.

sigurd larsen unites architecture and gastronomy at germany's michelberger farm
the brick tower’s rooftop provides an exclusive spot for relaxation


dark, burned wood interiors complement the earthy red brick

sigurd larsen unites architecture and gastronomy at germany's michelberger farm
traditional red bricks are inverted to form elevated elements housing a kitchen and a welcoming fireplace


rooted in the 19th century, the new architecture preserves the historical essence of the place

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