miguel correia blends hotel retreat into the rural portuguese landscape
all images by joão morgado




encompassed by cork and olive trees and isolated between uninterrupted landscape that extends to the distant horizon, miguel correia of future architecture thinking / FAT were charged with designing the sobreiras – alentejo country hotel. located an hour from lisbon in portugal; the hotel sits on a hilltop featuring eight vernacular volumes which use a suspended structure to enable them to gently rest above the rough terrain without being affected by soil sealing.

the property sits upon a 25 hectare piece of land in the serra de grândola area





the concern for the preservation and improvement of site’s characteristics dictated the basic strategy of the intervention. wooden logs have been used throughout the interior; influenced by the rich nature of alentejo. seen prominently on the scheme’s façade, the logs have been vertically aligned across the front and mimicking the openings of windows, the logs create an outer barrier for privacy, while highlighting the zig-zagged character of the buildings.

the building rests on the uneven terrain of the rural landscape




spatial organization has been spread along the volumes with the largest housing the lobby, lounge areas and restaurant. featuring 22 spacious rooms with contemporary furnishings and access to a private terrace, the spaces provides comfort and privacy to enjoy the rural countryside. the cabins are orientated towards the east for protection against direct sunlight, the wide openings open up to the panoramic scenery and simultaneously, the extended roofs ensure the porches and terraces are in shade. sustainability was factored into the design of the scheme with the integration of rainwater harvesting; locally sourced materials; water management and solar thermal systems. 

a log screen provides privacy and shade for the occupants




‘the remaining land preserves the natural characteristics of the alentejo landscape’ explains the architect. ‘the ‘montado’ – the upland meadows and the inherent seasonality – constitutes the very essence of the intervention. the various outdoor spaces are designed for leisure, taking advantage of the extraordinary beauty of the landscape, and the infinity pool seems to invite to a genuine dip in nature, with the horizon as far as the eye can see.’

the timber logs have been used as interior partitioning

FAT-architecture-alentejo-country-hotel-portugal-designboom-02the main lobby and lounge area

FAT-architecture-alentejo-country-hotel-portugal-designboom-02a pool area is accessed through the main building

FAT-architecture-alentejo-country-hotel-portugal-designboom-02the hilltop positioning gives the hotel uninterrupted views of the landscape

FAT-architecture-alentejo-country-hotel-portugal-designboom-02the interior of one of the hotel rooms

FAT-architecture-alentejo-country-hotel-portugal-designboom-02there are 22 rooms, all with their own private terrace area

eight volumes ‘gently resting’ above the ground uses a suspended structure that minimizes soil sealing

the country hotel at night


wooden logs used in facades establish a dialogue with the surrounding landscape