mikou design studio proposes africanews headquarters in congo
all images courtesy of mikou design studio




responding to a competition for the ‘africanews headquarters’ in brazzaville, congo, mikou design studio has proposed an expressive tower representative of the widely broadcasted media outlet. the building is comprised of a two-story glass volume at the ground level, with a large elevated structure above, which is lifted by four massive pillars. consequentially, an interstitial patio is formed between the lower section’s roof and the underside of the upper mass. the scheme seeks to represent african heritage through its tonality and composition of solid and void patterning on the envelope. the use of openwork concrete produces a visually porous façade, while V-shaped sunshades oriented vertically create an additional layer to filter light and heat transmission.

mikou africanews designboomthe v-shaped sunshades give a vertical orientation to the elevations




the sunshade system makes the building look like a vertically-oriented folding panel has been pulled back along the façades. practically, they allow for passive ventilation through the interior spaces. an internal courtyard promotes this air flow, and the trees planted there help to create an enjoyable working environment. on the roof, the openwork concrete patterning expands to allow for easier access to views of the city and nearby river.

mikou africanews designboom

the building is a prominent addition to the brazzaville skyline, as seen from across the congo river




mikou africanews designboom

site plan

mikou africanews designboom

section clarifying the passive ventilation potentials

mikou africanews designboom

(left): southwest
(right): southeast




project info:


location: brazzaville, congo
client: euronews
program: africanews radio headquarters, news rooms, meeting rooms, offices, congress hall and panoramic restaurant
building area: 7,700 sqm
competition date: 2014