‘vehicle’ in collaboration with krzysztof wodiczko

london-based design studio minimaforms (brothers stephen and theodore spyropoulos) questions how architecture can facilitate new forms of communication. ‘can we construct models of interaction as forms of conversations?‘ ‘can design enable?‘ through their experimental architecture, they explore these questions in hopes to open up a dialogue about social and material interaction.

minimaforms ‘vehicle’ in collaboration with krzysztof wodiczko

the ‘vehicle’ is an enabling instrument which stimulates public dialogue through a mobile environment for collective conversation. the project engages the design of a cultural prosthetic that facilitates an emotive engagement with war veterans as an act of healing and communication. the design of the protoype takes the form of transformable machine that metamorphoses from a war machine to messenger conceptualized as a seraph.

minimaforms ‘archigram revisited’

minimaforms was invited by archigram‘s david green to rethink and evolve his seminal project the ‘living pod’ and ‘high-rise tower’. ‘archigram revisited’ investigates computational and analog models, highlighting animalistic and collective orders of organization.

minimaforms ‘archigram revisited’

minimaforms ‘archigram revisited’

minimaforms‘becoming animal’an in interactive performance piece which explores the story of the mythical three headed beast kerberos, guardian of the underworld. the objective of the piece was to create an environment of performance through collective participation.

minimaforms‘becoming animal’

minimaforms ‘brunel gateway’with an invitation from performance artist stelarc, minimaforms developed a gateway structure for brunel university. the pavilion is an open-cell network of operable convex and concave lenses, which amplify and collapse the experiential relationships between users and their context.

minimaforms ‘brunel gateway’

minimaforms ‘a machine that watches’ – collaborating with composer and warp recording artist mira calix

minimaforms ‘memory cloud’

‘memory cloud’ is based on one of the oldest forms of visual communication – smoke signals. it invites the public to participate by sending text messages that were grafted onto plumes of smoke.

an exhibition of their work, ‘enabling: the work of minimaforms’ is currently on show at the architectural association, london and will run until march 19th.