‘pavilion mountain house’ is a family holiday home designed by london-based architect, miroslav naskov, for a secluded location in the swiss alps. articulated by its fluid, organic-like geometry, the residential concept is imagined as the perfect retreat into nature.

pavilion mountain house 1

images by miroslav naskov / mind design



the prospective dwelling nestles into a forested plot in switzerland. considering this incredible setting with abundant greenery, one of miroslav naskov‘s main design intentions is to integrate nature into the house. to achieve this, the architect loops the program around the site, bringing trees and bushes into the interior and giving the building an organic appearance that makes it seem to grow from the ground.

pavilion mountain house 3



in addition to the fluid forms, the architect also employs transparency to blur the line between inside and outside, natural and artificial. huge expanses of floor-to-ceiling glass offer tranquil views of the trees while terraces let the building extend outside. the glazed elements between the concrete planes also give the architecture a touch of lightness, helping to break up what would otherwise be a heavy, monolithic volume.

pavilion mountain house 2



project info:


name: pavilion mountain house

type: residential

location: switzerland

architect: miroslav naskov / mind design

status: concept


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edited by: lynne myers | designboom