paf atelier designed the scenography of a fashion show placed on the forecourt of the palais de tokyo, a building dedicated to modern and contemporary art in paris, francethe floating ephemeral stage took shape on a big basin while a central run-way leads to a rectangular poly-mirror platform. the reflection of the chosen material adds a visual play multiplying the mannequins while creating the illusion of walking on the water’s surface from the audience’s perspective.

defile lgn joeone 6all images courtesy of paf atelier



paf atelier designed the stage for the double show of the designer louis gabriel nouchi and the brand JOEONE during the paris fashion week. the ethereal stage offers a more complex design that always places the clothes at the center of the composition. perpetually in movement, the mirror-clad stage follows the rhythm of the collections that parade, while the sobriety and minimalism refer to the elegance of the clothes. defile lgn joeone 9

defile lgn joeone 10

defile lgn joeone 1

defile lgn joeone 2

defile lgn joeone 3

defile lgn joeone 11

defile lgn joeone 7

defile lgn joeone 4

defile lgn joeone 5

defile lgn joeone 12

defile lgn joeone 8



project info:


name: design of the scenography of the double fashion show of LGN and JOEONE

designer: paf atelier

location: palais de tokyo, paris, france 



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