house NW by miyara architect office all photos by mitsumasa fujitsuka




‘house NW’ by japanese practice miyahara architect office is a five-level residential dwelling in nerima-ku, tokyo. constructed out of reinforced concrete, the design aims to provide a better experience for the individual by establishing various communication levels for each area of the house. in typical japanese fashion, the project sits on a plot measuring just 43 m2 with built establishments on either sides. the exterior concrete is coated with black lean-mix acrylic paint resulting in a mottled effect to the textured surface. the finish continues to the gable roof, providing a crisp iconic silhouette to the design.

miyahara architect office: house NW (left) horse-chestnut front door (right) door and walls of the music room, made from honeycomb structure fiber reinforced plastics




in order to create a sense of connection with the local community, the first and second levels of the house hosts programs that are dedicated to serving a group of people: the music room first greets the visitors on the ground floor and the library above, with the domestic spaces starting on the third level. a glass door on the fourth level leads to the bedroom and bathroom while a floating perforated metal staircase provides access to a japanese tea room on the uppermost storey.

miyahara architect office: house NW third level: bathroom and bedroom

miyahara architect office: house NW perforated metal staircase




careful choice of materials compliment each space, creating a distinct identity for all the rooms: the doors and walls of the music room are made with fibre reinforced  plastics (FRP) done in a honeycomb pattern, providing an amber glow to the interior. floors range from japanese cherry birch to bare concrete precast that resemble cedar boards, defining the atmosphere of each program.

miyahara architect office: house NW detail of finishes

miyahara architect office: house NW exterior at night