taking influence from the handmade shoe brand selo, brazil-based design firm MNMA studio to curates atmosphere of brief escape in são paulo. in the development of the retail restoration project, the team’s core process involves the development of ideas from outside to in, and the pursuit of a fluid circulation. these two principal factors result in the final organization of a 100 square meter space which opens up seamlessly to the street and sidewalk, offering continuous accessibility for all.

mnma selo são paulo
all images by andre klotz



MNMA studio curates the serene atmosphere of the selo retail space by generating a visually calming façade as an expressive contrast to the chaotic city of são paulo. while the choice of cement slates and frameless glass reflects the urban context of the site, the facade is detached from the surrounding language with a lightened pigmented. during the process of design development and material curation, expansion of the stone resulted in a natural shattering along the floor — it was decided to adopt the kintsugi technique of filling the cracks with a special golden mixture to honor the memory of the process.

mnma selo são paulo



MNMA’s selo interior hosts minimal furniture, all comprising original 1950’s era pieces. the washroom sink is fabricated through the handmade technique of ‘curving’ a flame-treated limestone, a process which serves to create a very particular rough texture. inside, a remodelled atrium delivers a rounded skylight which introduces a clear view of the sky — not only offering a source of natural ambient sunlight, but also for a playful connection with nature, weather, and the passage of time. the treatment of this skylight expresses influence by the works of artist james turrell.

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project info:


project title: selo project

architecture: MNMA studio

lead architects: andré pepato- mariana schmidt

client: selo

location: são paulo brazil

completion: 2019

photography: andre klotz