iran-based architectural designer mohamad samiei introduces a residential concept which hybridizes the living environment, traditional materiality, and contemporary urbanism. the project is defined by a series of clustered units whose configuration results in a combination of closed, semi-closed, and green conditions. each of these nested volumes is suspended within a secondary system, an exterior brick envelope which defines the building’s distinctive profile. this skin unifies the three tower-like clusters with a geometric logic interrupted by gently sweeping surfaces and filleted edges.

mohamad samiei brick concept
all images courtesy of mohamad samiei



the residential concept by mohamad samiei proposes a reinterpretation of the tower typology which emphasizes views outward, natural sunlight, and greenery. while the street level serves to organize vertical and horizontal circulation, the first level links the three volumes with a unified exterior courtyard. dispersed throughout the project are scattered threes, transforming the built space into a living environment and filtering natural light through the full height glazing of the outward facing units.

mohamad samiei brick concept mohamad samiei brick concept mohamad samiei brick concept



project info:


title: residential concept

architecture: mohamad samiei

year: 2019