korean architect moon hoon completes ‘morse_d curve,’ an expressive steel commercial and residential low rise in seoul. located on an irregular site formed by five converging roads, the project was originally programmed as a kindergarten. like most projects in the city, maximum floor space was a priority from the beginning. the organization of five large classrooms on each floor for different age groups resulted in linear, shifted rectangles along a centralized stair, merging with children’s exhibition space. a small apartment for the client’s family is situated at the top level, while the basement hosts a communal kitchen and dining room.

moon hoon morse_d curve
all images by namgoong sun



morse_d curve by moon hoon is characterized by its façade, for which it is named, which expresses the written signs of morse code through its apertures. two rows of ‘dash and dot’ punch windows on each level serve both groups of occupants. the lower row offers views for the children while a higher row is for teachers and instructors. after construction began, already after the completion of the concrete substructure, complications brought the project to an abrupt halt, and the program was ultimately changed. rather than a kindergarten, morse_d curve served as commercial and residential building. 

moon hoon morse_d curve



the change in program called for a renewal of the design. while the original spatial organization was preserved, new utility space was added and more interior partitions erected for additional private space. these additions disrupted the intended visual continuity of space due to gaps between skipped floors. still, the distinctive steel façade of morse_d curve expresses the initial program, maintaining the spirit inspired from the very beginning.

moon hoon morse_d curve moon hoon morse_d curve moon hoon morse_d curve moon hoon morse_d curve moon hoon morse_d curve moon hoon morse_d curve moon hoon morse_d curve moon hoon morse_d curve moon hoon morse_d curve moon hoon morse_d curve




project info:


project title: morse_d curve

architect: moon hoon, kim, jaekwan

design team: park hyeongje , moon gai, kim hyeri, park jeonguk

location: seoul, korea

program: commercial + residence

photography: namgoong sun