‘visang house’ by moon hoon, ilsandong-gu, south koreaall images courtesy of moon hoon



seoul-based architect moon hoon is known for his exuberant architectural gestures that often represent a bold and whimsical break with the landscape. the architect responded to an energetic young couple client and thin site with a jagged soaring form. the angled, monumental volume occupies the long plot while maximizing mountain views. in both plan and section the architecture acts as a periscope to the landscape, while interiors become staggered theatrical stages. variously sized exterior windows frame the valley while dematerializing inner rooms and a band of angled glazing further emphasizes the steep mass. 




moon hoon: visang house, koreaa rhythm of mullions delineates an angled band of glazing



moon hoon: visang house, koreaexterior views show a smattering of windows and main circulation space



moon hoon: visang house, koreainterior hallway view



moon hoon: visang house, koreathe upper level becomes a projection wall for films



moon hoon: visang house, koreastorage systems are integrated with circulation



moon hoon: visang house, koreathe language of periscopic apertures pervades the house



moon hoon: visang house, koreathe volume is meant to both replicate and optimize views of the landscape



moon hoon: visang house, koreathe dramatic form at night



moon hoon: visang house, koreabalconies and fenestration come together to complete the operatic work