moriyuki ochiai architects: aluminum flower garden



moriyuki ochiai architects were challenged to come up with a physical manifestation of the essence of japanese culture for hana (japanese for ‘flower’) restaurant and bar. drawing from the distinctly japanese idea of begetting complexity from scarcity, a single finite material was used to create an engaging three-dimensional space that fulfills various functions and requirements at once. a simple, flexible plane of aluminum is creased into a changing density of glittering and fluttering petals that cover the ceiling and enfold visitors in a flowery embrace. the flower petals impart the function and atmosphere suited to each area, such as lively and quiet areas created through minute differences in the height and expanse of a given space. a restaurant goer’s position and angle of vision as well as the reflection of images and lights from the mirrored walls together redefine the appearance of the whole space and enable the viewer to experience a space with transient atmospheric moments. while the abstraction provides a delicate and dynamic experience, the assembly of the sculptural ceiling is replicable and can be reinstalled when moving the business to a different location. 




moriyuki ochiai architects: aluminum flower gardeninstallation overview



moriyuki ochiai architects: aluminum flower gardencontext view



moriyuki ochiai architects: aluminum flower gardenconstruction detail



moriyuki ochiai architects: aluminum flower gardendetail


project info:



design firm: moriyuki ochiai architects / twoplus-a designer: moriyuki ochiai use: restaurant / bar, event space location: tokyo



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