architecture & cars meet in museo fratelli cozzi by buratti architetti




a short trip from milan, in the italian city of legnano, is the ‘museo fratelli cozzi’. owned by alfa romeo, the facility houses a functional showroom and extensive automotive museum under the same roof. design was completed by buratti architetti, who utilized stark contrast to create a compelling interior experience.

road lines bring a sense of movement into the showroom
all images © buratti architetti




buratti’s sole use of white on the exterior and in the showroom makes the building stand out from its urban surroundings, drawing the attention of potential visitors as they pass by. vehicles visible from windows provide color to the scene, which aids in the continual tightening of viewers’ gazes as they approach.

museo fratelli cozzi buratti architetti
a monochromatic logo acts as backdrop to a plush red display and classic alfa




accessible from within the showroom, is the sub-level museum. a surreal, vibrant red staircase acts as the transition point, opening into a space nearly unrecognizable from its ground level counterpart. black surfaces create a sense of enchantment, depth, and preciousness. above vehicles, which are displayed throughout the entire area, are direct spotlights that highlight the impeccable finish of each.

architecture & cars meet in museo fratelli cozzi by buratti architetti
engine blocks are placed on rolling carts for eye-level viewing and easy mobility




in the space’s perimeter, are small niches collectively referred to as ‘cozzi.lab’. created for scholars, researchers, and admirers, the info-centric areas offer various documents and material samples connected to the company. ‘museo fratelli cozzi’ is arranged chronologically, offering guests a unique experience through the extensive archives of alfa romeo

museo fratelli cozzi buratti architetti
iconic automobiles are flanked on all sides by design, advertising, and background information 

architecture & cars meet in museo fratelli cozzi by buratti architetti
a subdued palette and overhead spotlights direct visitors’ eyes to each vehicle

fratelli cozzi’ automotive showroom designed by buratti architetti

museo fratelli cozzi buratti architetti
angular façade

red staircase linking ground floor showroom and sub-level car museum



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