the ‘flowerbed hotel’ is composed of a series of flower crates stacked within a greenhouse shell all images © MVRDV

the design of the ‘flowerbed hotel’ in aalsmeer, netherlands by dutch architecture firm MVRDV has been revealed by project developer kloos2. this 19.500m2 hotel and conference centre is set for location next to the entrance of the future bloomin’ holland theme park and business centre, and will be devoted to flowers.

the structural composition of the building is a series of stacked volumes contained within a greenhouse shell. the new centre will offer 280 hotel rooms all decorated with floral themes with additional facilities including a 1.600m2 conference centre, 550m2 fitness centre and spa, 1.100m2 assigned to services and 140 parking spaces.

MVRDV: flowerbed hotel, aalsmeer, netherlands main entrance / reception

the spacious lobby will be divided into three zones: public zone for day visitors, a more private zone for hotel guests and a mixed zone, the welcoming space complete with 2.100m2 worth of flower beds.

MVRDV: flowerbed hotel, aalsmeer, netherlands within the lobby, 2.100m2 worth of flowerbeds will be realized

the architectural project is set to feature sun collectors, windmills and underground warm and cool storage, offering excellent energy performance despite its glasshood.

MVRDV: flowerbed hotel, aalsmeer, netherlands hotel room