gate M west bund dream centerL: a legacy reimagined


MVRDV is poised to reshape the urban fabric of Shanghai‘s West Bund through its ambitious Gate M West Bund Dream Center project. This transformative initiative seeks to revitalize a former cement factory, breathing new life into its industrial shell and creating a vibrant hub for leisure and cultural activities along the iconic Huangpu River. At the core of MVRDV’s design philosophy lies a commitment to fostering movement and connectivity — the project reimagines the existing structures through a dynamic three-dimensional network of pedestrian pathways. Featuring vibrant orange paths, staircases, ramps, and bridges, this network seamlessly integrates disparate buildings, encouraging exploration and interaction within the rejuvenated space.

mvrdv west bund shanghaivisualizations © Ucharm



Embracing Industrial Heritage with sustainable planning


Found south of Shanghai’s bustling city center, the project by MVRDV integrates the area’s rich industrial heritage while repurposing outdated structures for contemporary use. The architects‘ masterplan celebrates the diverse architectural styles present on the site, creating a delicate balance between preservation and innovation. By transforming industrial relics into vibrant cultural spaces and incorporating modern amenities, the project honors the past while embracing the future.

MVRDV prioritizes sustainability and carbon minimization through a light-touch approach to renovation. Newer structures undergo minimal intervention to preserve existing materials, while older industrial buildings receive bold treatments that highlight their historical significance. The design ethos revolves around enabling the efficient movement of people, echoing the site’s past reliance on material transport for cement production.

mvrdv west bund shanghai
MVRDV reimagines Shanghai’s West Bund with Gate M, reviving a former cement factory



mvrdv creates public spaces in shanghai


Central to the masterplan are key axes that define primary public areas, designed in collaboration with renowned landscape architects James Corner Field Operations. These axes, including a central spine traversing the site, facilitate intuitive navigation and enhance accessibility. The project’s standout feature is its multi-dimensional experience, achieved through elevated terraces, activated rooftops, and a vibrant orange promenade.

At the heart of the project lies The Dream Center Hall, a former warehouse destined to become the district’s focal point. MVRDV’s design infuses new life into this skeletal structure, using minimalist glass infill to accentuate its raw industrial aesthetic. This transformed space will house a dynamic blend of retail outlets, cafes, restaurants, and a sprawling exhibition and event space, offering a vibrant hub for cultural exchange and leisure activities.

mvrdv west bund shanghai
a dynamic pedestrian network connects buildings, fostering exploration and interaction



MVRDV collaborates with Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects and Atelier Deshaus to ensure the integration of architectural styles across the site. While Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects and Atelier Deshaus focus on the northern half, MVRDV takes charge of the southern half, including The Dream Center Hall. One of the project’s most important elements of the development is the external staircase, clad in vibrant orange and rising along the building’s facade. This reimagined element, adapted from an existing conveyor belt structure, serves as a visual anchor, connecting The Dream Center Hall to the surrounding promenade. With platforms for seating, exhibitions, and cafes, it exemplifies the project’s ethos of reimagining existing structures for contemporary use.

mvrdv west bund shanghai
the project embraces industrial heritage, repurposing structures for contemporary use MVRDV to breathe new life into a former cement factory in shanghai
the sustainable design minimizes carbon footprint, honoring the past while looking forward



exploded axonometric
exploded axonometric
massing diagram
massing diagram

project info:


project title: Shanghai Gate M West Bund Dream Center

architecture: MVRDV | @mvrdv

location: Shanghai, China

area: 34,000 square meters

founding partner in charge: Jacob van Rijs
partner: Wenchian Shi
director MVRDV Shanghai: Peter Chang
visualizations: © Ucharm


design team: Kyo Suk Lee, Peter Chang, Sredej Bunnag, Luca Xu, Shanshan Wu, Yunxi Guo, Albert Parfonov, Amanda Galiana Ortega, Americo Iannazzone, Dorota Kaczmarek, Echo Zhai, Edvan Ardianto, Haocheng Yang, Jiameng Li, Jiani You, Kevin Zhao, Kristina Knauf, Meng Yang, Ming Kong, Martin Chen, Sen Yang, Shushen Zhang, Siyi Pan, Steven Smit, Tanja Dubbelaar, Xiaoliang Yu, Yayun Liu, Yihong Chen, Evan O’Sullivan, Peilu Chen Visualisations: Antonio Luca Coco, Jaroslaw Jeda, Luca Piattelli, Marco Fabri, Stefania Trozzi


co-architect: AISA
landscape architect: James Corner Field Operations

structural engineer: ARUP, AISA
facade: consultant: RFR
interior architect: CL3, Xu Studio
lighting design: RDI