‘glass farm’ by MVRDV, schijndel, the netherlands all images courtesy of MVRDV

‘glass farm’, a multifunctional building with shops, restaurants, offices and a wellness center by dutch practice MVRDV has just broken ground in the village square of schijndel, netherlands. the 1600 square meter structure features an exterior of glass which will be printed with a motif found within local farmsteads although approximately 1.6 times larger than the typical building. first proposed by firm founder winy maas in 1980, this project is intended to infill the architect’s hometown center which was created by world war II bombings and left as an unused open space. after many forums and meetings, the plan was approved with a condition to maintain the appearance of vernacular structures.

artist frank van der salm photographed the area’s remaining farms to compose a grand image which will be applied with a fritted technique upon the 1800 square meter facade surface. a 4 meter tall barn door will be imprinted upon the entry. an outdoor table and swing will contribute to the rural atmosphere. night illumination will reveal a translucent glow reminiscent of stained glass found within church windows generating a monumental presence.

construction is scheduled for completion in december of 2012.

MVRDV: glass farm around the glass farm will be a farmyard with hedge

MVRDV: glass farm winy maas at the ground breaking ceremony

MVRDV: glass farm conceptual diagram