contemplating the void: interventions in the guggenheim museum solomon r. guggenheim museum, new york on now until april 28th, 2010

MVRDV, rotterdam, netherlands ‘let’s jump’, 2009 digital print, 95.3 x 68.6 cm artwork © MVRDV

for the ‘contemplating the void: interventions in the guggenheim museum’ exhibition, rotterdam-based architectural firm MVRDV envisions ‘let’s jump!’, a central ‘trampoline’ structure within the guggenheim museum‘s rotunda. the concept sees a reverse exhibition plan of the museum, maximizing the spiral’s capacity by positioning a variegated collection of abstract and non objective works along the complete extension of the ramp (7000 art works / 337 meters = 20,7 art works per m2).

connected to the edges of the second ring of the museum would be a transparent, elastic membrane, which would produce a dynamic connection with the entire rotunda, reinterpreting the idea of movement, interconnection and simultaneity of frank lloyd wright’s building. this approach steps away from a more ordered vision of the museum exhibition / guided tour, and transforms it into an amusing dialogue through this temporary art system – let’s jump!

MVRDV: let's jump up close

MVRDV: let's jump

here is a sample of a possible program: MVRDV: let's jump (from let to right) -work&process circular layout along the edge to view and discuss performers demonstrations

-first fridays centered disposition to enjoy the music of the art after dark events

-guided tours linear scheme to offer a methodical exploration of the collection (by sackler educators)

MVRDV: let's jump (from let to right) -second sundays gathering groups encouraged to get closer to both art and family members (lunch package)

-film forum lying position required to watch movies projected onto the roof

-learning through art jump with art in order to foster a playful connection to works of art and artistic expressions

MVRDV: let's jump section plan

MVRDV: let's jump section plan