located in amsterdam’s science park is MVRDV’s design for matrix 1 — an office and laboratory complex. the structure, which will combine standard laboratories with play and spacious social areas, ensures the building will be open and social. to do so, the firm has envisioned a zigzagging staircase that references the network of paths found on the existing campus. this stairwell forms the social heart of the building and is fully visible to the outside thanks to the striking glass façade.

mvrdv matrix 1 amsterdam science park designboom
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when designing matrix 1, MVRDV took into consideration the people inhabiting it: tech workers who have high expectations for the quality of their office spaces; and science workers for whom laboratories are unable to provide the same perks. to achieve this, the spacious staircase acts as the center element of the building, placed between the standardized laboratories and the social areas. this massive architectural component will allow scientific workers to feel pampered in the same way that has become normal in the tech sector.

mvrdv matrix 1 amsterdam science park designboom



the university of amsterdam has chosen to establish its new SustainaLab in matrix 1, where it will work on technologies and systems that reduce CO2 emissions, develop green business models, make agriculture more sustainable, and absorb the consequences of climate change. this mission is a match with MVRDV’s design, in which sustainability plays an important role. for example, the steel structure and the concrete floors of the six-story building can be dismantled so that components can be easily reused. also, the roof contributes to climate, biodiversity and water buffering with greenery and solar panels.

MVRDV's matrix 1 is a sustainable office + laboratory complex for amsterdam science park



‘we are pleased with the agreement of the university of amsterdam to occupy matrix 1. as a user, the university fits well with the spirit of this building,’ says frans de witte, partner at MVRDV and the lead architect responsible for the project. ‘we look forward to see which other institutions will soon be housed in the rest of the building. the spaces are designed to be flexible for this purpose; office space can be turned into laboratory space with minor adjustments and vice versa. the presence of multiple companies offers opportunities for social interaction, cross-pollination, and innovation.’

MVRDV's matrix 1 is a sustainable office + laboratory complex for amsterdam science park



project info:


project name: matrix 1
location: science park, amsterdam, netherlands
year: 2019+
client: matrix innovation center
size and programme: 13,000 m2 offices and laboratories



architect: MVRDV
partner: frans de witte
team: mick van gemert, roy sieljes, lesia topolnyk, fouad addou, aneta rymsza, ievgeniia koval, giuseppe carosini, andrea manente, damla demir

visualisations: antonio luca coco, luca piattelli, cinzia bussola

images: © MVRDV
copyright: mvrdv 2019 – (winy maas, jacob van rijs, nathalie de vries)



development & project management: stone22

structural engineering: IMD

MEP: deerns

cost calculation: IGG