MVRDV envisions green oasis nestled between two L-shaped towers in nanjing, china

MVRDV envisions green oasis nestled between two L-shaped towers in nanjing, china

‘oasis towers’ by mvrdv set to enliven nanjing’s financial district 


MVRDV reveals its winning competition design for ‘Oasis Towers’, a residential and commercial complex on the edge of the Jiangbei New Area Financial District in Nanjing, China. The 166,000 sqm project features two L-shaped, 150m-tall towers, with cascading terraces, facing each other from the north and south corners. Nestled at the center between both buildings is a lush green landscape that gradually moves outwards, overtaking the terraces.


Meanwhile, a 3–4 story podium encloses most of the site, creating a protective environment at its heart. This perimeter building bridges over pedestrian access routes and even the street between both plots, highlighting a clear separation between the surrounding neighborhood and the green oasis at the center of the design. MVRDV’s proposal is ultimately envisioned as ‘a haven for residents in a dense and rapidly developing part of the city.’ 


‘Oasis Towers’ will occupy plots 18-34 and 18-35 in the Jiangbei Financial District Masterplan.

MVRDV envisions green oasis nestled between two L-shaped towers in nanjing, china

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Peppered with trees and other greenery, the oasis holds a lush environment for shopping from ground level up to the third floor. This park-like space provides cooling and biodiversity, privacy for residents of the upper floors from shoppers below, and a walkable environment connecting both plots across the central road. At the very center of the public space, the landscape trickles down below ground level, reaching beneath the road, to provide a convenient crossing point and allow access to the underground metro station.


‘The contemporary architecture of Nanjing takes its inspiration from nature in form and appearance,’ says MVRDV founding partner Winy Maas. ‘With ‘Oasis Towers,’ we wanted to push this trend to the max – not only emulating nature with curving, stratified ‘cliffs,’ but also to literally incorporate nature into the design with the greenery and by tapping into natural processes.’

MVRDV envisions green oasis nestled between two L-shaped towers in nanjing, china

a closer look at the cascading terraces of the MVRDV ‘Oasis Towers’ proposal



a sustainable mixed-use complex inviting nature in 


Responding to the office skyscrapers that will emerge in its surroundings, the MVRDV ‘Oasis Towers’ proposal presents a formal, gridded facade on the outer faces of the perimeter block. Elsewhere, this exterior skin gives way to the flowing curves of balconies, terraces, rooftops, and small pavilions clad in recycled bamboo.


The integration of greenery into the design goes even further than its idyllic scenery, with nature playing an important role in sustainability strategies. Non-accessible rooftops are densely planted with various species that help maximize biodiversity. Also included are two 500 sqm reed beds that naturally filter and purify water as part of the project’s greywater recycling system.

MVRDV oasis towers
deep balconies along with carefully placed trees create a nice balance between natural light and shading



Moreover, the positioning of both buildings takes advantage of the prevailing western winds to optimize natural ventilation. The deep balconies are staggered to provide plenty of natural light while reducing solar gain in the summer, while carefully placed trees provide extra shade in the warmer months. Furthermore, a water-source heat pump uses the adjacent river to reduce energy consumption.


‘The towers appear highly varied at a glance, with every floor differing in shape from its neighbors above and below, yet the design in fact, is highly efficient and regularized; floor plans for large sections of the towers are almost identical, with only variations in the shapes of the curving balconies. Planters separate neighboring balconies, ensuring that the green oasis extends to the very top of the design,’ continues MVRDV. 



MVRDV oasis towers

the architecture appears highly varied at first glance

MVRDV oasis towers

‘Oasis Towers’ will occupy plots 18-34 and 18-35 in the Jiangbei Financial District Masterplan 






project info:


name: Oasis Towers 

location: Nanjing, China

client: Nanjing Jiangbei New District Financial Center Development Co, Ltd

project area: 166,000 sqm

type: Mixed-use (residential and retail)

architecture: MVRDV | @mvrdv

founding partner in charge: Winy Maas

partner: Wenchian Shi

design team: Kyo Suk Lee, Sredej Bunnag, Shanshan Wu, Daehee Suk, Americo Iannozzone, Haochen Yang, Echo Zhai, Albert Parfonov, Jiani You, Evan O’Sullivan

environmental advisors: Peter Mensinga, Arjen Ketting

structural engineering & MEP: TJAD

visualizations: ATCHAIN | @atchain

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