MVRDV chosen to build towering ravel plaza complex in amsterdam
image by A2 studio




dutch architectural practice MVRDV and developers OVG real estate have been chosen to complete ‘ravel plaza’ — a towering multifunctional complex in amsterdam. the two collaborating parties were selected by the municipality of amsterdam for the development of the P15 ravel plot in the city’s zuidas business district. located on beethoven street, the project was created with the aim of realizing a structure that included a mixed program of offices, residences and amenities, covering a total floor area of between 50,000 and 75,000 square meters. a number of possible tenants for the offices and other commercial spaces have already been involved in the project.


the houses have bay windows with beautiful views and large balconies with lots of vegetation, turning the whole building into a kind of village green,’ says winy maas, architect and co-founder of MVRDV. ‘we combine the quality of living in a green environment with the central location and the excitement of an urban environment in this unique location.’


klaas de boer, director of zuidas, amsterdam city council: ‘lot P15 ravel is a unique place in zuidas. OVG’s proposal, designed by MVRDV, has a bold and distinctive architectural appearance and marks a crucial turning point in the development of zuidas into a mixed area with housing, employment and services. this plan effectively increases the attractiveness of zuidas.’


coen van oostrom, CEO of OVG real estate: ‘with this project we wanted to introduce an innovative building into what is becoming an increasingly popular district of amsterdam. the building is, to a large degree, open to the public; the public space literally extends into, and over, the building. we are honoured to provide zuidas with a uniquely designed building by MVRDV which carries international recognition and will contribute to a local sustainable and innovative living – and working – environment.’