the winning competition entry RED7 by dutch studio MVRDV has officially been launched in moscow. the firm’s first building in russia commences with sales of its 289 apartments and new released imagery of the proposal. the firm was influenced by the area’s post-revolutionary, socially oriented constructivist buildings of the area — namely, the adjacent alexey shchusev-designed narkomzem, now the ‘ministry of agriculture’ which showcases red brick masonry. rising seventy-eight meters over the skyline, the new symbolic gateway into the center of moscow will offer a bold new character to the city.

mvrdv red7 moscow
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RED7 by MVRDV, previously entitled ‘the silhouette,’ will comprise luxury apartments, a sports center, flexible workspace, an event space, and a sky deck. the building’s top floors accommodate apartments in a variety of configurations and sizes, with the largest providing panoramic views in every direction. underground programs include a supermarket and both commercial and residential parking. over 60% of the apartments have commanding views over the city, and over 20% make the most of their position with external terraces.

mvrdv red7 moscow



the building’s exterior will be finished in specially customized red bricks, a reference to the nearby constructivist heritage and an emphasis on the warm and welcoming nature of the project. the interiors will be completed by a variety of interior designers, including two dutch offices, sabine marcelis and i29 interior architects, and a russian office, oleg klodt. while MVRDV won the competition to design RED7 for client GK osnova in december 2017, construction on the building will begin at the end of this month, with completion projected for 2022.

mvrdv red7 moscow mvrdv red7 moscow mvrdv red7 moscow mvrdv red7 moscow mvrdv red7 moscow



UPDATE: this project has been shortlisted in the ‘future projects – residential’ category at the 2019 world architecture festival.



project info:


location: moscow, russian federation

client: GK osnova

year: 2017+

programme: 52,000m2 mixed-used with 28,320m2 residential, 8,230m2 commercial, 1,375m2 shared facilities and 13,310m2 underground parking

design MVRDV: winy maas, jacob van rijs and nathalie de vries

design team: jacob van rijs, frans de witte, fedor bron with mick van gemert, elija kozak daniele zonta, fouad addou and iker perez

visualization: antonio luca coco, davide calabro, pavlos ventouris and tomaso maschietti