MVRDV, together with nan hai development, unveils its proposal for the taipei twin towers to revitalise the central station area of taipei. the design of the towers is characterized by a ‘pile of blocks’ that generates a vertical urban neighborhood. each box serves as a visual expression of its program through an array of interactive media façades. the project is designed as a ‘times square for taiwan,’ offering a vibrant and charismatic destination that re-establishes the central station area of taipei as the city’s premier location for retail, working, and tourism.

MVRDV taipei twin towers
image © MVRDV



the site of the proposed MVRDV taipei twin towers project is currently occupied by the city’s main station. to be developed by nan hai corporation, this hub services the city’s railway, airport lines, and metro networks, the new buildings will be constructed over the existing station. a number of pre-existing plazas will meanwhile be unified and redeveloped. MVRDV’s proposal is developed as a combination of two contextual scales — the tower and the smaller fabric building blocks. the main visual impact, experienced directly from the street, will be provided by a cluster of small blocks which make up the tower bases. while these piled volumes each host a retail space, their distinct identities are expressed on their illuminated façade. 

MVRDV taipei twin towers
image © MVRDV



above, larger blocks complete two towers reaching 337 meters and 280 meters and make up the dominant image of the buildings when seen from afar. these larger blocks house offices, cinemas, and two hotels: one targeted at younger, more trendy travelers within the east tower and the other focusing on the luxury market in the west tower. at ground level, the design proposes a sunken plaza, with an array of public interventions influenced by the history of the site. structures marking the former locations of the original station will transform the area into an ‘archaeological study,’ exhibiting the city’s heritage.

MVRDV taipei twin towers
image © MVRDV



the organization of the retail blocks creates centralized public atriums which allow for a system of passive ventilation. exterior pathways and escalators link rooftop terraces and provide alternative access to the stores. this leads to a unique vertical shopping experience that encourages exploration. 

MVRDV taipei twin towers
image © MVRDV



an elevated walkway connecting the station will become the spine of the project. MVRDV is exploring two variations of this element — one with a straight trajectory through the site, or another that follows the perimeter clustered blocks, linking with the larger network of escalators and walkways.

MVRDV taipei twin towers
image © MVRDV



project info:


project name: taipei twin towers

architect: MVRDV

location: zhongzheng district, taipei, taiwan

client: nan hai development

project area: 434,000m2

program: mixed use (office, retail, hotel)

principal-in-charge: winy mass

partner: wenchian shi

design team: hui hsin liao, cosimo scotucci, yayun liu, chi yi liao, seul lee, ara gonzalez, aleksandra farmazon, evgenia zioga, peter chang, matiss groskaufmanis, amanda

galiana ortega, cas esbach, sumio kumagai, antonia durig

visualization: antonio luca coco, davide calabro, francesco vitale, luca piattelli, kirill emelianov, magda bykowska, masoud khodadadi


co-architect: CHY architecture urban landscape

landscape design: topotek 1

consultants: envision engineering, ARUP, RWDI, mercury fire engineering consulting