‘teletech call centre’ by MVRDV, dijon, france all images courtesy of MVRDV

MVRDV have recently repurposed the former dijon mustard laboratory in france to be the new ‘teletech call center’. with a tight budget of only 4 million euro, the design strategy implemented a preservation of the existing structure in order to allocate funds towards reinventing the interior, an overall practical strategy that also reduces unnecessary construction costs. the building aims at maintaining local jobs that would otherwise be outsourced, through the creation of a flexible work atmosphere as well as an education center, fitness center and gallery.

no longer confined to a stationary cubicle, employees now connect wirelessly and choose their own informal environment from a series of stepped wooden platforms inhabiting the former industrial space. large windows and skylights have been cut into the solid mass to allow natural daylight to reach deep into the 40 by 70 meter volume, featuring a large central atrium to encourage a community ambiance. the facade has not been altered volumetrically and has become the hub of communication to the outside, being wrapped with QR codes that link the user to current news and events. the internal vertical surfaces have been painted to modify their character in a cost effective way, while sections of the horizontal elements have been replaced or covered by wood members.

MVRDV: teletech call center stepped platforms create work spaces

MVRDV: teletech call center workspace

MVRDV: teletech call center interior

MVRDV: teletech call center central atrium

MVRDV: teletech call center eating area

MVRDV: teletech call center renovated exterior clad with QR codes

MVRDV: teletech call center (left) before restoration (right) after construction